The Work in 2016

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The Empty Chair and The Feminine Principle, (a little book of aphorisms) are still available to purchase from Barbara, Mike's wife directly. Contact Barbara

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The English audio version of his book 'The Empty Chair' can be ordered through Ryan Hallford's website

If we accept that at an energetic level the two great potencies are the masculine and the feminine principle (in some traditions they are called yin and yang), then it becomes very clear, after only a short reflection that, particularly in the post Cartesian world where the focus is almost exclusively on the intellect (masculine) rather than feeling (feminine), that we are out of balance. If we are out of balance then we are not whole.

The function of medicine, whether allopathic or alternative, is to heal. That is a noble endeavour. What we find, however, is that most intervention is geared to identifying and modifying a symptom which is the end result of a long line of malfunctions, this is useful and this is the masculine approach, that we tend to ignore the being and its original intention that is manifesting its lack of harmony. 

Mike’s work attempts to rectify the imbalance by focusing on the wisdom that is resident in the heart rather than the intellect, which is resident in the brain. Modern biology demonstrates that embryologically the heart starts developing in a superior position and is then gradually enveloped within the protection of the spine and the soft tissues leaving the brain on top encased in its bony protection. Many scientists now rank the heart as the prime motivator rather than the brain.

Neuroscience, Biology, Psychology combined with Epigenetics shows that our health and even our identity are dependent on the relationship between nature and nurture (genes and the environment, the masculine and the feminine). The expression of the genes and which genes are expressing is governed by the relationship which the genes have with the protein in which they sit. We only use (express) a quite small percentage of our genetic potential at any one time. The make-up of this percentage, can change. Changing the genetic content itself, is a heavy-duty mutation. 

Parenting, particularly in the early years of formation, is extremely important, in fact fundamental, to  an optimum outcome in terms of maturity. The prime need is to be heard and to be held. When that is present, the foetus and the child grow in safety.

Wherever a pathology arises, due perhaps to a lack of those optimum conditions, then the skillful body worker, who both listens and holds, is ideally placed to facilitate the recovery of health. The model presented by Mike outlines a safe route to the digestion and modification of trauma at a very deep level.

To succeed in this work we ourselves as practitioners must undertake a journey of digestion of our own processes. It is perhaps the most important journey we can ever take.

Mike Boxhall. May 2016.