Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy

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At its tenderest, BCST is a journey, taken in company, that facilitates a revelation of the Spiritual health that underlies all pathology.

What we try to do, in joint practice with another, is to enter a state which is below or inner to, the level at which disease comes in to being. A place of Spirit or original intention, not yet expressed, where the choice exists, through remembrance of that intention, of not being a victim of undigested and dis-empowering, life experience.

What is demanded from the practitioner is total commitment to the work that arises naturally out of free play of Intelligence itself, unhindered by the demands of the intellect.  A surrender of knowing, which is limited, and entry into the insecurity of unknowing, which carries infinite potential.

I am fully aware that we all need structure  That structure may have come from being a trained therapist in one model or another or may have come from being a parent or may have just come from being an adult surviving in this increasingly complex world.  We have developed a sense of who we are in relationship to ourselves, to others and to the world.  Perhaps even to the universe.

A large part of my mission is that this work should not become exclusive.  This sadly is the case with so many models, teachings, in my view.  There is the all pervasive attitude that my this, that or the other, is better than your this, that or the other.  Be it family, nation, religion or therapy.  What I would like to encourage is that there is a level of being that is common to all of us, we could say to all life, and that level is what I call the Spirit.  We have the option to work at this level.

What separates us from each other, is relative and personal, what unites us all is absolute and common.

To touch that place of what is common is to touch a level of being that precedes the descent into the particular and thus opens the possibility of that coming into the particular and personal, modifying itself.  Remembering its original blueprint, if you like.  A rebirth in the constant present.  We all have a “how we meant to be” a step-by-step evolving form, which has modified as we came along, according to the build-up of undigested life-experiences that we carry around.  These have become so crystallized, entrenched, that that is now who we think we are.  This is not who we are, truly speaking, but an expression of what we have done and what has been done to us.

 We are all quite dis-empowered from our true beings by all that stuff which is no longer present, in any real sense but is a trace of yesterday.

If we take these words as a kind of introduction, it occurs to me that there are a number of subject headings that we might like to keep in the back of our minds for discussion.  Just see what comes up without my attempting to limit or define what should come up.

These are some headings that may, or may not, be useful:-

What gets diseased?  Is it me or my body.  Am I my body?

Should we be treating disease or working with wholeness?

Where is the wholeness?  Is it subject to the intellect?  Quantifiable, as to time and space?
What about boundaries?  Can there be a boundary to the Spirit?

Who does the work?  The practitioner?  The client?  or the synergy arising from the two?

Who can do this?  I have evidence of toddlers doing it.  What then, is the purpose of training and structure?  Every point but I would love to see it debated.

Levels of working.  It is important, in my view, not to have an idea that mechanical or emotional or Spiritual, levels, can somehow be better or worse than each other.  It is equally important to be clear about what level we are working at or confusion will surely result.

Can I maintain this level?  What happens when I lose it?  Do we then invest a lot of energy in beating ourselves up for somehow failing to meet our target of perfection or do we just come into the present, notice what is and move on without feeding the lapse with the energy of attention?

How does this work work?  How do we know what is happening (if anything) and whether it is safe?  Did Sutherland mean  “you can rely upon the Tide?”
Why don’t we do that, then?

How do I explain what I am doing/not doing. To the client or anyone else?

All these, and many more, questions have been raised over the years.  It would be my wish that they might stimulate some dialogue.

If Bio- means Life and if Dynamic suggests movement or change, then the two together might have something to do with letting Life itself make the change, not the practitioner!!  Perhaps, that is what Sutherland meant!  That would be a healing of infinite possibility but we would have to surrender our egos!

Mike Boxhall  2006