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The Empty Chair and The Feminine Principle, (a little book of aphorisms) are still available to purchase from Barbara, Mike's wife directly. Contact Barbara

Audio version of The Empty Chair

The English audio version of his book 'The Empty Chair' can be ordered through Ryan Hallford's website

Second podcast with Ryan Hallford, April 2017 9863 words

Second podcast with Ryan Hallford, April 2017 9863 words.

Mike Boxhall returns to The Craniosacral Podcast for a lengthy and spacious interview covering many aspects of therapy and consciousness. With 45 years of experience in the field of therapy, Mike brings warmth, insight, and a welcome simplicity to the topic of craniosacral therapy.

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The Work in 2016

If we accept that at an energetic level the two great potencies are the masculine and the feminine principle (in some traditions they are called yin and yang), then it becomes very clear, after only a short reflection that, particularly in the post Cartesian world where the focus is almost exclusively on the intellect (masculine) rather than feeling (feminine), that we are out of balance. If we are out of balance then we are not whole.

The Work 2015

There are almost no bees. In spite of planting a variety of insect-attracting plants in the Spring, or at least, Barbara did, there are virtually no insects, apart from some hoverflies, at a time when the garden is a feast of flowers. This, of course, is a potential disaster and probably due to the latest scientific advances in pesticides. The neighbouring fields were sprayed recently, exactly in accordance with Ministry of Agriculture recommendations.

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy

At its tenderest, BCST is a journey, taken in company, that facilitates a revelation of the Spiritual health that underlies all pathology.

What we try to do, in joint practice with another, is to enter a state which is below or inner to, the level at which disease comes in to being. A place of Spirit or original intention, not yet expressed, where the choice exists, through remembrance of that intention, of not being a victim of undigested and dis-empowering, life experience.

You really can rely upon the tide!

My thesis, my conviction, not just belief, and my passion are contained in that short phrase. You can rely upon the tide. I have spent the last 15 years analysing, testing, working with and then teaching the truth of that statement.

Today, 120 years or so after Sutherland first voiced that statement; I am going to try to explain where I have been and what I came up with, so far. And I am going to ask you to experience a flavour of that over the course of the next few hours.

Breath of Life 28th & 29th May 2005 UK

On the flyer for this conference it says, “The conference will explore the key factors that organise how we function, beyond just the physical form.”

I really want to look at that and see if we can’t even take it one stage further and ask “ How we function, beyond all form and examine whether that has a meaning and what that meaning might be, in therapeutic practice.”

Revelation - Intellect or Intelligence. Is the title I have given this piece;
Lets start by looking at what those words mean:

When there is Chaos!

The Spirit is what I call that which underlies and is ultimately causal of all life. The genome does not cause life it dictates the form that it takes. The trouble with most therapy, allopathic or complimentary and with most religion, mainstream or fringe, is that it focuses on not only the form but on the form that results from from lifetimes of undigested form upon form. The package has superseded the content. We have lost trust in the blueprint, the original intentionality of being. Intellect, already a crystallization into personal form has become paramount, instead of being a tool.